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"If we have an issue and our network goes down, we call Hardwyre and they are Johnny on the Spot. They make sure our network is always running so I never have to worry about it. And they coordinate with Dell on my behalf and handle technical phone calls that I don't want to make. Working with Hardwyre has really given me peace of mind."

- Jean Noel
Business Administrator, Imaging Solution of Arkansas


It sounds like a bad plot for a horror movie, but dead pixels on flat panel monitors are extremely annoying.  Flat panel monitors are wonderful.  They've replaced the bulky CRT monitors.  It is extremely difficult to even purchase a CRT monitor anymore.  But it seems that flat panel monitors have a tendency to create dead pixels.  Dead pixels are those annoying little dots on your flat panel that no longer display any color at all or just one color.  Your flat panel has millions of pixels on them.

Sometimes you may not even know you have dead pixels.  But there is a free tool called Dead Pixel Buddy.  Give it a try when you get a new flat panel monitor.  If you get a new monitor with dead pixels, exchange it for a new one.

For those of you who already have a flat panel monitor and can't return it, you may still be able to get rid of some of the dead pixels.  Give the tool at killdeadpixel.com a try.  Think of it as a massage for your monitor to help work out that dead pixel and turn it back on.  You may need to let it run for awhile for it to work.  It's not guaranteed, but it will work for many different types of dead pixels.

Happy pixel hunting!

Killing Dead Pixels

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